Beware when dealing with 'Lanzinger Harmonikas' (Part 1)


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Accordionists, please beware when ordering an accordion from 'Lanzinger Harmonikas', from South Tyrol in Italy. I cannot recommend it, because I have been scammed.

After 9 months of waiting for an accordion from them, I got suspicious of their promises and lies to my local dealer over the past months, so I cancelled the order of the accordion through the dealer, and the dealer made several attempts to cancel the order from Lanzinger.

For some reason at this time, they are not accepting the cancellation through my dealer and are also refusing to return my deposit of 500 euros to my dealer.

I have since contacted other dealers, asking them what is the appropriate time to make such an accordion: the longest is 3 or 4 months. I have also found out that unlike what the company seems swears by, Lanzinger Harmonikas does not actually completely build its own piano accordions, but purchase their piano accordions (complete or incomplete, I do not know), from a manufacturer in Italy.


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29 April, 2012

You should see if there is anything you can do. I'd be going to a lawyer or something.


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