Part 2: Beware when dealing with 'Lanzinger Harmonikas'


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Since the cancellation of the order for the Lanzinger piano accordion (which I wrote about earlier), I have been in touch with many accordion brands, including manufacturer 'Fismen' from Castelfidardo, Italy.

As I mentioned to Fismen that I am from Australia, they asked me whether I had ordered a Lanzinger piano accordion, with the exact details of the accordion I had ordered a year ago from now, from Lanzinger. I told Fismen the whole problem I had with Lanzinger and that the accordion Fismen asked me about was the same one I was waiting for, for such a long time, from Lanzinger.
To verify it was the same accordion, they took some photos of it and sent it to me. It was the same custom design I had ordered, and they explained that they still make accordions for Lanzinger.

They told me that the reason I did not get the accordion, was because although it was ready for months and waiting in Fismen's stock room, the Lanzinger company did not "pick up the accordion". This, in my opinion, probably means that the Lanzinger company did not even pay for the accordion and (probably) might not have even had the money to do so (otherwise they would have done it, and opened the door to sales in such a distant country, like Australia).

Fismen offered to sell me the accordion, and it seemed they did not receive any deposit from Lanzinger Harmonikas to start building the accordion (as I had heard through my dealer) - which means my 500 euro deposit which was paid to Lanzinger was like a donation to the company.

After I received the accordion from Fismen and was already playing on it, I received an e-mail from Lanzinger Akkordeons, saying that they have my accordion and it is ready to be sent to Australia - the same accordion that I already had in my hands!

I told them that I did not believe them. I asked them for a photo of the accordion they say they had, and also asked them why the accordion took so long to make; who really makes Lanzinger accordions?
They sent me a photo, the exact same photo that Fismen took and sent to me, weeks ago, before I received the accordion.
Lanzinger went on to write that they make their own accordions and order parts from Italy, and that they took the photo themselves. No mention about Fismen making any part, by that time.

It is disappointing, that any musical instrument brand should lie so much to any customer, risk their reputation, and close the door to potential sales in a distant country like Australia, where it is hard to get a customer, and when other accordion brands are actually looking for sales in Australia!

Most of all, it is sad that Lanzinger has taken advantage of an unemployed student, by 500 euros, whose wish it is to promote this 'alpine music' which is unpopular in Australia.
After all this, I cannot recommend dealing with 'Lanzinger Harmonikas'.

Fismen Proline 496 CM


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19 November, 2012

It seems that scams are cooked everywhere in the world in every aspect of bussines


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