(New) Lanzinger accordion story, complete - Part 1 (deposit)


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I feel it is in the best interest of accordionists and other musicians that I pass my full story on.

My first e-mail conversation with Peter Lanzinger and Manuel Lanzinger (I will just refer to either of them as Lanzinger or Lanzinger Harmonikas) started on the 18th of July 2011 (click on images to enlarge):

Lanzinger to me on 18 July 2011:

Me to Lanzinger on 19 July 2011 then 28 August:

Lanzinger to me on 29 August 2011:

"We started today to work. In Italy are all company's closed in august. We need to have an account of 500€ to start..." - This was the first error, as Lanzinger should not have asked me for a deposit, but he should have asked the accordion dealer I was dealing with, for a deposit, as in this case all transactions must go through the dealer. Communication started out badly and in hindsight I shouldn't have continued with the order.

He said he needed 500 euros to start. He also had not answered my previous questions, unfortunately I thought nothing of it and proceeded. I told the dealer about this problem, and he made sure to communicate to Lanzinger that all transactions must go through him, not me.
The dealer paid Lanzinger a deposit of 500 euros (approximately 725 Australian dollars at the time) which Lanzinger acknowledges in later e-mails.

Despite his bad English, Lanzinger was able to cleverly word that "we" need this money to start. Anyone would think this means, to start making the accordion, by their company.

Later I asked the dealer to change the order so that the accordion's bellows are a beige/red design. That's about the only thing that we succeeded in, with Lanzinger.

Can anyone help me get this money back, or can a legal professional offer advice, as to how I can get this money back!???

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