(New) Lanzinger accordion story, complete - Part 2 (the scam)


Several times during the first half of 2012 and the last half of 2011 I spoke to the local accordion dealer that I was dealing with for the Lanzinger accordion. I always asked about the progress on the accordion, to which the response was that Lanzinger always had a story, whether it be that they are unable to produce the wood for the accordion due to the bad snowy weather, or that Lanzinger did not know I wanted an internal microphone as well (I made it clear to the dealer and the dealer assured me it was made clear to Lanzinger - later, Fismen already knew I wanted the microphone).

A visit to the dealer confirmed the existence of the e-mails, as the dealer had a stack of printed out e-mails received from Lanzinger. The dealer had kept everything so it seemed, on record. Unfortunately, I do not have these e-mails that were sent between Lanzinger and the dealer.

The dealer also told me that before or during his business trip to Europe around the time of March 2012, he contacted Lanzinger to see if the accordion was ready, and if so, he could arrange a pick up in Italy. I was told, that the dealer was told, something among the lines that the accordion was 'not quite ready yet'. Again.

Meanwhile I had heard about the accordion producer Fismen from Italy and my conversation with them started on the 9th of April 2012, asking them if they had certain button accordions in stock:

Fismen to me on 11th April 2012:

"...did you maybe order from Lanzinger a cassotto, 496, 4 reeds palissander with microphone?" - exactly the order I made through the local dealer to Lanzinger! There is literally no way Fismen would have known my order if they weren't making it.

Me to Fismen on 11 April 2012:

For clarification, there was a misunderstanding between myself and the dealer, on what I said in the above e-mail, regarding deposits and dealers. It turns out that dealers are required, at least some of the time, to provide deposits. Again, later on, Lanzinger acknowledges he has the 500 euro deposit and won't return it, as you will see.

Fismen to me on 11 April 2012:

In the above e-mail, Fismen proposes a solution, and explain to me why I have been waiting longer than usual for the accordion. I became doubtful that I would receive the accordion on time from Lanzinger had I not ordered it from Fismen, because of the reasons Fismen had mentioned above, as well as problems I heard other people had with Lanzinger. So I was very happy with Fismen's proposal - I was scared, that if I kept quiet and kept the order through Lanzinger, that I might never receive the accordion, or wait much longer than 9 months.

Me to Fismen on 11 April 2012:

Fismen to me on 11 April 2012:

I then asked Fismen whether this was the same accordion, as it didn't have some final touches i.e registers, but I was assured that it is the same accordion, and indeed it was (I am familiar with the Lanzinger accordion design), and I was soon sent photos of the finished product on the 12th of April 2012:

The exact photo was then used by Lanzinger to trick me that he had the accordion and was ready to send it to me (when I already had the accordion).

Everything was finalized with Fismen and the accordion was sent. 

On 23rd of April 2012, I was contacted by Fismen again:

On 26th of April 2012, I was notified by the local dealer, that the accordion arrived. I picked it up, and we discussed the Lanzinger issue. He showed me the multiple e-mails sent to Lanzinger, to suspend the accordion order. Many e-mails were sent to Lanzinger from the dealer without any response. 
There was no mention by the dealer to me, that day, or any day, about a refund for the 500 euro deposit.

Meanwhile a few days before, on the 20th of April 2012, I received this ridiculous e-mail from Lanzinger:

Me to Lanzinger on 21st of April 2012:

Lanzinger to me on 23rd of April 2012:

In the above e-mails, Lanzinger writes "We send you a photo in the afternoon so we will make a photo."

On the 24th of April 2012 I recieved a blank e-mail from Lanzinger with the following attachment:

This is the exact same photo I received on the 12th of April 2012 from Fismen, with the exact same file size, with an air conditioner control on the wall and something in a frame, in the background. He only changed the file name. It seems, that they had lied about the photo and that they had the accordion. 
If Lanzinger really had the same accordion, he would not have used the photo taken by Fismen!

From there on I did not contact Lanzinger for a while, as I was getting nowhere. The dealer in Melbourne told me that Fismen had not received Lanzinger's 500 euros, and later on Lanzinger says what I assume can only mean the same:

Lanzinger to me on 7th of October 2012:

"It is possible that you got the accordion from Fismen, but not this one what was here in our shop! We made this picture and we had the accordion here..." "We told your shop in Australia that they have to send us the rest of the invoice and we never got the rest so if you order an accordion..." - The shop in Australia did not pay the full amount of the accordion because we already received the accordion from Fismen. So on this dishonest basis, Lanzinger doesn't want to return my 500 euros which I think I rightfully and ethically deserve - although he doesn't have my accordion, actually, he hadn't laid a finger on it.

Me to Lanzinger on 23rd of October 2012:

Lanzinger to me on 23rd of October 2012:
"When we pay to Fismen your accordion, is our problem not yours..." - in other words, this looks like Lanzinger did not use my 500 euros to pay Fismen. So what did he do with my 500 euros?
And it is really none of my concern whether Fismen produces the whole original Lanzinger instruments, because I am happy with this accordion, and it is indeed the one ordered by Lanzinger to Fismen for me. 

Is there any way I can get my 500 euros back? It is unfair, to be lied to about the accordion in such ways, and then not have this money returned.


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02 March, 2013

von musiker-board.de: "Am besten, man nimmt sich jemanden mit, der sich auskennt und zu dem man Vertrauen hat. Ich habe z.B. bei Lanzinger ein Akkordeon um € 7200,- gekauft. Alles gut und schön, aber leider kann ich im Nachhinein von dieser Firma auch nur abraten. 4 Reparaturversuche das Instrument spielbar zu machen sind kläglich gescheitert. Töne haben nicht angesprochen das Instrument war nicht gestimmt und das alles in der Garantiezeit. Herr Lanzinger ist nicht fähig ein Instrument zu stimmen.
Nun habe ich mein Instrument in Menges´(Slovenien) bei Zupan reparieren lassen. Hat zwar € 500,- gekostet, jetzt weiß ich aber wie ein Instrument klingen sollte. Also besser von Anfang an Mißtrauisch sein."


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