I am a musician and software developer from Melbourne, Australia. My parents both emigrated from Slovenia; my father is from Nova Štifta pri Gornjem Gradu, my mother is from Kozje. I have been playing popular folk music (Slo: narodnozabavna glasba, Ger: volksmusik) from the alpine regions of Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland on piano accordion and diatonic button accordion since I was 10.

For nearly 10 years I learnt the piano accordion from Don Quattrocchi, who ran the largest music school in country Victoria in the 1970s, and composed music for accordion exams which was accepted by the Australian Guild of Music and Speech.

I have performed at several markets, festivals and ethnic communities across Melbourne promoting Slovenian and Austrian folk music on accordion, in various groups as well as solo.

Since 2007 I've been uploading videos to YouTube. I currently have over 400 videos on YouTube, which have collectively received almost 2.5 million views, somehow.

In April 2019 Jože Galič wrote an article about my work in playing Slovenian music abroad in a weekend magazine Vikend by Slovenian newspaper Delo. In mid-2019 I formed a trio (Alpski Muzikantje) with 2 other Slovenian-Australians, playing alpine music from Slovenia and Austria.

With Denis Novato in Melbourne, 2019
Zupan Harmonikas in Slovenia, 2019
With Valentin Zupan at Zupan Harmonikas in Slovenia, 2019
Swiss National Day Picnic, Austrian Club Melbourne, 2015
With Beat Stuber, Swiss Festival Melbourne, 2012
With Slovenian Australian accordionists, Slovenian Festival Melbourne, 2008
With Daniel Smon, Slovenian Festival Melbourne, 2008
With Joze Mahkovic and Janez Kure, Slovenian Club Geelong, 2007